The Rudd Commentary

The Rudd Commentary podcast is an informational resource for busy investors needing a timely, digestible format to gain knowledge and address general market and financial matters. We discuss topics related to money, investing, personal finance, and bring you the ideas that matter, the instinct behind the results, and the understanding to apply them. Join us every month as he reviews current market conditions, gives financial guidance and host guest speakers.

This week the team explores pragmatic ways to reduce stress & anxiety surrounding taxes. We also discuss how communication with your financial professional is an easy way to be tax advantageous when investing.

This week our host Josh Rudd explores some practical ideas to help parents & and grandparents create meaningful family habits and promote personal financial success for generations to come.

Let's start the conversation.

This week we're joined by our friend & community leader, Coach Jeromy Flowers to discuss setting goals, overcoming challenges, and the pursuit of success. NOW IS THE TIME. MAKE THIS YOUR YEAR.

In part two of this series, we're joined by our friend & classic car connoisseur for a closer look at cars as an asset class. We also discuss the current market conditions and cover your end of year financial questions. Find out if you have what it takes to invest in the fast lane.

In this week's post-election podcast we discuss how political dynamics influence investors and what to expect in economic, tax, and investment policy. We navigate through noise & speculation to find the opportunities on the horizon.

In part one of the Unconventional Asset Series we discuss investing in fine art with a local expert. Art can do more than brighten a living space, But will art investments really earn you a profit? We cover the Risks & benefits of this asset class to discover if Investing in art is right for you.

This week we discuss how to make a real impact through charitable giving. Strategies can provide real help for the issues important to you, foster a tradition of philanthropy, and deepen relationships.

What drives you to give? Do you have a plan? Let's talk about it.

This week we’re talking about the 2020 Presidential Election and how it relates to investing. We’ll cover how election results affect the stock market in the long & short-term, Who has an advantage, and why this year is unique.

How has the investment environment changed? What are your goals? Should you reexamine your expectations? We Explore the dynamics in the changing market place, how to realign your investment objectives & why an honest evaluation is key.

Join us as we explore investments outside the U.S.

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